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My story begins here

My name is Julian Parker and I am the creator of Gifts From The Gods. I am humbled by every single person who visits my page and for that I would like to express my gratitude in this section as well as tell you a little about myself.

Years ago, I had no interest in running a business and didn’t really consider myself a crafty person. I wasn’t really a fan of corporations, tried to support the small/local business when I could, but like the majority of people I liked what was convenient and readily available.

I’ve always suffered from chronic dry scalp which was a problem when I had very long dreads. It seemed like no matter what products I would use I just couldn’t get the results I was looking for, so I thought since none of these products seem to work I wonder if I could make a better one myself?” and years later I present to you Gifts From The Gods.

As I learned how to treat my condition, I also learned about how harmful commercialized products can be and how certain chemicals used in these products have been linked to cancer and all types of nasty stuff. This was an alarming realization as I thought about mass production, commercialization, and the unconscious public.

With the knowledge I gained and continue to gain I made an oath to myself that I would eradicate all commercial products from my life and make all of my own stuff. Years later that oath has turned into a passion to share my products with the world and hope that my efforts bring joy and good health to all of those who purchase my products.

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